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Hey folks,

I was surprised to see that my last journal entry was in 2013. How time flies .....

First thank you for the nice comments, favs and friendships. I want give something back and do a tutorial. But when I think about it, it's more a journal, my philosophie of art. This journals should be small and easily digesteble with a lot of bad english. Yes that's the way I wanted it.

So becoming a better artist.... a stony way with a lot of deep canyons. I'm not talking about proportions or value or colour shemes. No I want to talk about motivation.    
It's hard when you sit on your couch ( better you lie on your couch ) and watch tv or play a game to stop it and stand up ( oh fuck my bones ) and learn some boring anatomy or complicated lighting conditions ... ambient occlusion I can not articulate this word monster.
So what to do ? Imagine you are the person in the tv. Is it cool to watch that epsiode of your life, are you proud of ?

For me this questions works. I stand up. If this doesn't work I take a look at :iconrichbernatovech:. Some people need no motivation, they are motivation.

Feedback motivation :
DA is a sea of artists. Feedback and getting popular is like food for an artist motivation ( you lie when you say no ).
Sometimes it's hard when you upload something and only a bunch of people see what you drew.
With no feedback, no improvement. But how you get feedback ?
It's the principle of give and take. When you give feedback you get feedback. It's easy, you can try it here !  

I see you next time.
I want to edit the whole page. Propably I'll delete ore edit some of my pieces, because some are so old they will not represent my style anymore. Or what do you think ?

So last chance to have a look on it. 
Hey thanks to :iconastralseed: to fave my Owl On House piece Owl on house by Micha-vom-Wald !

That's my first DD and I'm very proud of it. So, I'm getting the chance that more people come to my little digital corner and will see my art. That's very cool. Also I would like to feature and support three very special artists, please take a look at their galleries, you'll have no regrets about it, my friends !

The first one is :iconchelseahantken:. She's not only one of the fastest drawers I've ever seen, not only one of the most beautiful drawers I've ever seen, she even draws her soul in her pictures. Please visit her site.

The second one is :icondqmorrow:. She's a lovely person, read her journals. It's incredible how this pictures are drawn, you'll feel the pictures in her unique gallery.

The third one is :icontheartoftenia:. This guy is a crazy genius. Every piece will blow you away. One of the most outstanding galleries here.    

and the whole Odyssey II crew for choosing my entry for the the final chapter.
I had a so much fun in this vermillion and indigo vomit universe.

Best regards,

take a look at my gallery, perhaps it's worth. But sometimes it's not.
Hmm, today I had good meal....  
Can somebody stop me writing ! I'm not good at writing journals.

Best regards,